Monday, March 5, 2012

The Secret Life of My Butt...and other crazy subjects

It has been exactly two weeks since I have done the Couch to 5K program and two weeks since I have blogged about my crazy life. Let me tell you, ALOT has happened in those two weeks. Some fun, some embarrassing, and some amazing things.

Let me start where I left off. I went to Disneyland! We loaded up the kiddos Tuesday night and went for four fabulous days to Disneyland. It was the best! We had so much fun and it seemed that we all loved every minute of it. Now, since this is mostly a food, exercise, and psyche blog, I will focus mostly on that part of our trip. The following picture is the only picture of me on this trip. Of course, I am eating, but honestly don't know what I am saying. Lol

When we started our trip, I made a conscious decision to not count my points from Weight Watchers and eat whatever I darn well pleased. I was ok with that and I enjoyed every single morsel.

  • Cream cheese filled pretzel

  • Pineapple whip

  • Yummy breakfast food - sausage, bacon, french toast, danishes

  • A HUGE corn dog

  • Garlic/Parmesan French Fries

  • Virgin Mint Julip

  • Monte Cristo Sandwich (it was like eating a jelly donut stuffed with ham and cheese..Yum!)

  • pizza

  • Cold Stone Creamery Ice Cream

  • A bunch of other not-so-good-for-you foods.

Again, I allowed myself to do that. The most important thing for me to say is that I really have no guilt eating all that yummy food. What got me, though was that I didn't drink enough water.

So, here comes the down side to that trip. When we got home, I weighed myself. In one week, I gained 15 pounds! After driving 10 hours the night before, eating all that fried food, and not drinking enough water, I looked down at my very Flinstone looking feet, and knew I was retaining water.

The only other downside of that trip was a reality check about my butt. I will be the first to admit that I have a very large derriere. That is what I love about Disney. All the rides fit people of all shapes and sizes. The turnstyles, however, are not so forgiving. On the very last day of our visit, we reallized that we hadn't gone on the Jungle Cruise. Seemingly harmless, my mom and I and the three boys got in line. When the line got to the front where the turnstyle was (and there was a HUGE line behind us), I did my usual turn to the side and walk through. Only, it wouldn't move. I tried to go backwords, but turnstyles don't go backwards. I only had one way to go and that was pushing with all my might and ignore possible talking behind me (that was all in my head, I'm sure). My mom looked nervous for me. So, with what seemed like an embarrassing FOREVER (probably only 15 seconds). I pushed and pushed and pushed and finally made it through the turnstyle.

Also, after I climbed a million stairs to get into the Hyperion Theater to see Aladdin, my butt would not fit in the seat. I was really in a bad mental cycle then. My knees hurt from climbing the stairs and I ended up sitting in a handicapped seat. My self berating then started. The following words started echoing in my ears. "You are so fat. Why did you let yourself get that way? What a bad example to your children you are! Etc. Etc"

Then, I remember everything that I have accomplished. Because I have been doing the 5k training, my feet didn't hurt as bad after a day's walks to, in, and from Disneyland. AND I had alot of energy to play with my kiddos, my mom, my hubby, and our friends while we were there. I also need to add that I conquered a fear during this trip, as well. I got on California Screamin with my daughter and my husband. It was so much fun that all I remember is laughing and smiling the whole time. So, I am choosing to remember that and remember that I don't ever want to feel "butt" embarrassment again.

When we got home, I reallized that I hurt myself because of that stupid stair climb. So, my friends and I decided that I needed to rest for the next week. I was itching to get out and do my training, but knew that I should give my knee some time to heal.

I am proud to announce that this morning, I was out training again and I feel amazing!

  • 5 min warm-up walking

  • 3 min jogging

  • 90 sec walking

  • 5 min jogging

  • 2 1/2 min walking

  • 3 min jogging

  • 90 sec walking

  • 5 min jogging

  • 5 min cool down walking

I actually decreased my time as well. My pace was a 20 min. mile. It still seems slow, but remember that I started at a 25 minute mile. I am loving how this is making me feel. I have also decided that I will be running my first 5k on April 21st (5 days before my 36th birthday). I couldn't do this without my dear friends Kira and Brie. By the way, Kira finished her first 5k this past weekend and both of them ran it in under 30 minutes. While I was on vacation, Brie completed her first Regland Relay. She ran a total of approx 24 miles. I am so proud of us for trying and doing new things and not holding ourselves back.

So, go out TODAY and try something you have never done before.


  1. I was actually thinking..."What an AMAZING example she is to her kids!! She's teaching them that we may not be able to control everything, but we do have control over some things and WE can change and do HARD things." Seriously inspiring! Keep up the great work. And yay for Brie and Kira! Haven't done a Ragnar relay yet, but it's definitely on my list...that and the Tour de Tucson. :)

  2. I too am doing the couch to 5k :)
    I am also an annual pass member at Disneyland. I go all the time. They have a lot of healthy options for your next trip. Water is free, you just have to ask for it! It's ok to indulge here and there and I am sure you learned from this that not every temptation is worth it. Do I eat a corn dog every DL trip? Hell yes. But do I eat healthy options in the car on our road trip, absolutely. Take this a a step forward. A lesson learned. It's easier to run with less weight, trust me.. My legs are heave nowadays! :(
    Good luck on your journey. And remember.. No fried foods. Veggies and fruits. Skip the pizza and go for chicken. Water water water.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment, Jaclynn. I love to hear that others are doing the Couch to 5k program too. Have you signed up for a 5k yet? As far as my DL trip, I definitely learned my lesson as far as fried foods and a long drive. The other foods were too yummy to say that I regret

  3. Good for you! I love reading about your journey, and now I want a Monte Cristo.... lol!