Tuesday, March 20, 2012

It's a New Week!

This is a new week and it is going great so far. I woke up on Monday determined to have a better attitude. We have had beautiful weather here in Arizona for the last week, but on the day I wanted to get out and run with my kiddos, it is 46 degrees as a high and threatening snow! Where did that come from? Well, again, I can't say enough about my awesome friends. If you are trying to lose weight or start a running program, you need to have a support system. One that won't sabotage your success, but one that lifts you up and helps you.

Ok, back to Brie. She was going to run with me, but we agreed it was absolutely too cold for the kiddos. She told me to grab my music and drops the kids off at her house for an hour. Talking about music, I finally got my own MP3 player. No more Hannah Montana from my daughter's MP3 player or Iron Maiden from my husband's. Now I have Katy Perry, Adele, Pink, and Bon Jovi.

Before I left her house, I asked Brie to take these pictures of me. I realized that I need to not only journal what I'm doing, but I need to photograph what I'm doing too. So, every week, I'm hoping to put a picture up of me and this journey. Another reason I am doing this is because I have been frustrated with my weight loss. Three months into this process, I have only lost 15 lbs. Now, don't get me wrong, 15 pounds is great, but for someone who has almost 200 lbs to lose, that is very small and frustrating. However, I have noticed that my clothes are fitting a bit better so I knew that something was changing. So, I am starting to track my measurements as well. Since January, I have gone down 2 inches in my waiste and 3 inches on my hips. Now, that makes me happy.

After these fabulous pictures were taken (that was dripping with sarcasm), I got bundled up and headed to the local high school. I ran 1/2 mile, walked 1/4 mile and ran 1/2 mile. I'm realizing that my lung capacity it great while I run. My lungs are not on fire anymore, but my legs are week. By the time I hit that mile, my lungs can keep going but my legs want to stop and throw a tantrum. I have one month from today until I run my first 5k ever so I need to figure out a way to overcome this obstacle. I will do it.


  1. congrats on your successes! even small steps are steps and as long as they are forward. I had made a small step and lost 3 pounds, but then gained them back a week later! That is discouraging... no buddy here, so you are blessed! Keep going! Only small changes will stick!

  2. I'm so proud of you for taking pictures and measurements. Those tell so much more of a story than the scale does...and they're more enjoyable to look at in the end, too. Weight lost quickly is usually not weight lost long. Slow and steady wins the race. You are doing it, Tatiana...you're really doing it!!! So inspiring!