Friday, April 20, 2012

A Difficult Decision

I will not be running my race tomorrow, and I did not come to that decision lightly.  I feel that this is the best decision for me and for those around me.

Last Sunday, my youngest son started the family out with the flu bug.  It lasted 2 days.  Tuesday night, my oldest son came down with this same bug.  It hit him hard, and he is struggling from it.  Well, low and behold, yesterday afternoon, I started with the bug.  Thankfully, it didn't last long with me like it did with my boys.  However, I am still having a problem drinking and eating.  To give an example, I am literally down 9 lbs in one day!  As much as I would like to say it is my hard work, I have to say it is that I am not hydrated enough.

So, up until tonight, I was actually planning on going to my race.  Whatever this bug is, it is nasty and is hitting many families in our school district.  The school and the district have sent out formal letters saying that this is highly contagious and to stay home 48 hours after the last symptom.  I don't want to risk anymore people getting this and I don't want to not have fun tomorrow.

Thus, I have made the decision not to race.  However, I actually did my first 5k last week.  I just didn't race to accomplish it, and Kira is my witness that I did it.  I will not quit here...I will look for another race to be had.  I also signed up for groupon for Zumba classes today.  I am super excited for that especially during the heat of the summer.

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