Monday, April 16, 2012

Trial Run

These pictures were taken last Thursday, April 12th. I am trying to make sure I take pictures at least once a month. I am starting to get more people mentioning how good I look and asking me how much weight I have lost. Well, I am still at only 15 lbs. I am telling people that, right now, I am not losing weight, I am redistributing it. My shape is changing.

This is my least favorite view, but my butt is my "largest assett" and it needs to be shown in hopes that it shows that it is shrinking.

All last week, I was nursing my knee, but because I didn't want to lose my endurance, I have been walking. Well, these pictures were taken after a 2 mile "walk" in 38 min. It was not easy. Kira kicked my butt. I always feel amazing after I excercise, though. My knees and feet were really hurting the next day so I just rested.

Friday night, I texted my girlies and told them I was going to do a trial run on my 5k. My 5k is on Saturday and I was getting really nervous about it. I wasn't sure I was able to do it. So, I decided to face the fear right then. So, Saturday morning, Kira and I went out at 7am (she started alot earlier because she ran to our starting place - show off :) ) and started my 5k trial run.

Kira and I discussed starting out the first mile strong with a run, walking the second mile, and ending strong on the 3rd mile. The first mile went great and I got into a good rhythm. I even pushed it to the end and dry heaved on the side of the road. Brie says that is the mark of a true runner...being able to puke on the side of the road. Just for fun, I checked my heart rate and it was up to 150 beats/minute. The second mile, we slowed it down and walked. That was my favorite part since I like chatting so much. Then, the third mile, I was at the point of calling Kira bad names in my head. She is really a good friend and "coach" and I am thankful for her patience with me. Nevertheless, in the end, I completed my first 5k and my time was 1 hour and 2 minutes.

My goal for Saturday is to run and keep running as far as I can and finish in UNDER one hour.

The next "trial run" I need to talk about is getting rid of dairy in my diet. Last week, I was watching Dr. Oz and he talked about milk alergies and sensitivies. He mentioned that an asstounding 60% of people have a dairy senstivity or alergy. My ears perked up when he mentioned some of the symptoms.... weight gain, lack of weight loss, joint pain, migrains and headaches, IBS, etc. I have been suffering from joint pain in the last year and have had many of the other symptoms. So, I decided to try the 3 week Anti-Alergy Diet.

So far, it is going great. I'm really not seeing any difference right now, but I am starting to realize how much crap is in the food we eat. I am having to read every label. Some breads have milk, some don't. It is found in canned foods and even deli meats! Who would have thought that? I was making tacos the other day and was about to put my favorite taco seasoning in. I looked at the ingredients, and it contains whey! Goodness!

I will keep you updated on how it goes. I'm taking it a bit easy this week with my running, in preparation for Saturday. I will post pics and details. Keep up all of your good works. I love hearing your own stories. Please spread the love to others too.

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  1. You are looking great! Keep up the good work and the results will continue to happen. I simply cannot wait to watch you complete this 5k this weekend. You are going to do awesome and I'm so proud of you already!

    As for the "mark" of a true runner...this is TMI, I know, but I'm gonna share anyway. :) The "vomit and go" method is definitely a runner's rite of passage, but I still think using the restroom in the great outdoors, mid-run, really seals the deal! :) And yes...I am speaking from experience. Far TOO much experience. :)