Friday, February 10, 2012

Doritos are EVIL!

Yep, that says it all. Doritos are evil. They call you from far away. Just the thought of them makes you salivate. Then, that first salty taste - pure ecstasy. Before you know it, the whole bag is gone and you are licking the last of that cheesy goodness off your fingers.

Why is it that some foods just trigger a "lust" for that food? I'm sure there is some sort of scientific reason, but just know that I have some trigger foods. Doritos, doughnuts, rolls, chocolate...anything that has to do with some sort of carbohydrate (the not good for you kind). Those are my trigger foods.

Along with my 5k "training", I'm also doing Weight Watchers Online. It is teaching me to eat in moderation. Now, I can count on both hands how many times I've done WW, but this time is different. I have a goal to work towards. It is not weight related this time, although, that is a bonus. My goal is to run a full 5k. Along the way, losing weight will definitely help. But I'm looking at food, now, as fuel.

By the way, I had a piece of chocolate and doritos last night (my husband should not be allowed to go to any store when he is hungry). Yes, I beat myself up about it, but I do that. It's not healthy thinking, but that is another something I'm working on. I did enjoy every bite of that chocolate, though.

So, on to the run today. Because I ate the doritos, I could immediately feel the retention of water. So, I'm just drinking a ton of water. Two of my kiddos are still sick today so I missed the morning run with Brie and Kira. However, when the babies were down for their naps, I headed outside with the older two. They road their bikes while I did my training. By the way, I added some Adele to my daughter's MP3 player and it made running alot better.

I shouldn't say I run...I'm trudging along. I'm VERY slow, but my feet are coming up off the ground. So I think I'm doing something other than walking but less than running. I'm moving...that is the important thing. On our runs at the park, there is a slight hill that I HATE going up with my double stroller. I almost always want to cry going up it. Then I complain about how I'm not doing so much. Brie and Kira set me in my place. They remind me that I am doing more than I was and I am ahead of the person that is still sitting on the couch.

So, to all those that need motivation - here it is. Get off the couch. Walk down the driveway. That's it. You did more than you were doing. Now, if you are already doing that (no matter if you are just off the couch or if you are running marathons), just do slightly more than you did yesterday.

Ok...5k training stats.
5 min warm up. 20 minute alternating jogging/walking. 90sec jogging/2 min walking. 5 minute cool down and stretching.


  1. Good job, Tat. I think focusing on the goal of running a 5k and not losing weight is a great way to stay motivated and since your goal is very specific I think you'll be more successful

  2. We like to call it "wogging"...not really jogging but not really walking. :) And, it doesn't matter how it gets fast or long as it's just getting done. So way to go! And about the trigger foods...there is a scientific explanation, and you are not alone. One of mine--pancakes! Not kidding. Before I know it, I've eaten six or seven of them in one sitting. But, since having become aware of that, I can choose to do better and be more mindful about it. Awareness is the first step!

    P.S. Sorry to always comment so much. To say that I'm passionate about this kind of stuff is kind of an understatement. As someone who has "been there, done that", I like to watch and help others along their journey. So, basically what I'm saying is...I can't promise it won't happen again! :)

  3. Put down the Doritos. Doritos are a big bag of FAIL. :) Great job with being accountable and making time for your training. The scientific reason behind your "trigger foods" is called sugar. Tell Steve that I'll kick him in the shins the next time he buys chips of any kind. :D

    Keep working your heiny off...

    PS- You are running. A runner is a runner, no matter the pace.